Extra 16 - Going nuts above Missoula
I may not look like a squirrel, but there's something America's favourite rodent and I have in common. Nuts! And above Missoula, MT, we're talking some high-quality nuts worth fighting for.

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Public Film Extras
Rough edits of footage, not included in the documentary.
Extra 13 - Flying Southern Utah
Utah is the epicentre of free flight in the United States, and for one clear reason. I mean, take a look at this freaking place!!!
Extra 14 - Is walking for Losers?
Is it? I thought so, and would beat myself up every time I had to bust out a few steps between flights ..but long distance expeditions are capable of transformation even the most stubborn. Here's what I found out..
Extra 19 - Outside TV Outtakes #1
During the expedition, Benjamin and Lyndsay shot several creative scenes specifically for a 10-minute "Dispatches" episode for Outside TV. This scene never made the cut :)
Sizzle Reel 4 - Going to War
1:00 min - Sizzle 4 of 4 for the upcoming epic, Fly Monarca, pre-release.
Sizzle Reel 3 - Wake Up
1:00 min - Sizzle 3 of 4 for the upcoming epic, Fly Monarca, pre-release.
Sizzle Reel 2 - Team Work
0:57 min - Sizzle 2 of 4 for the upcoming epic, Fly Monarca, pre-release.
Sizzle Reel 1 - Epic
0:53 min - Sizzle 1 of 4 for the upcoming epic, Fly Monarca, pre-release.
Exclusive Extras
Viewable by Film Sponsors only.
Extra 15 - I am Stuck on Junction Peak
How did I get here? When will the weather turn around and, most importantly, how the heck am I going to get out of here?
Extra 12 - Lemonade in the Desert
Thirst is one thing, but dehydration is real on an expedition through these parts. The real question is, how low will you go?
Extra 11 - The Tunnel
Authentic vol-biv expeditions mean No Rides, ever. By contrast some roadways or tunnels say "No Pedestrians" ever. The combination of the two makes for good storytelling!
Extra 10 - Lyndsay's Flat Tires
Following and Documenting Benjamin's expedition, Lyndsay Nicole was required to juggle way more than cameras and drones.
Extra 09 - What do you Fly With?
Likely the most common question Benjamin is asked, here he breaks it all down in just two short minutes.
Extra 08 - Very Superstitious
As if the name weren't intimidating enough on its own, Arizona's Superstition mountains were more than Lyndsay bargained for.
Extra 07 - Does Superior Measure Up
What if someone's name were Rad, but they weren't rad at all? You get the idea. Welcome to Superior, Arizona.
Extra 06 - Stuck in Winkleman
8:31 min - Don't ever get stuck in Winkleman, Arizona! I can't stress this enough. Not flying, hiking, driving. Otherwise, traveller beware of Winkle-suck. This is where s**t hit the fan.
Extra 05 - Landing in a Military Base
2:48 min - Don't do this. Unless you're on glide and get blown 20 km off course in a gale of relentless desert westerlies. Then land wherever you need to!
Extra 04 - What do you eat?
3:01 min - Would you like to know. Or maybe you wouldn't. Hiking and flying with up to 14-days of food rations means cutting some corners, and adding some new ones!
Extra 03 - How do you find water?
1:44 min - Good question. I've learned to get by while hungry, but thirsty is a whole new beast. Desperate as I was, I was forced to lower my standards significantly at the start of the journey.
Extra 02 - Flying in Southern Arizona
3:25 min - Never having flown in the desert before, I realized early on that between the lack of water, excess of wind, and cactus as far as the eye could see, that I was a long ways from home.

These are just a few of the epic flying scenes we couldn't pack into to the documentary film.
Extra 01 - The False Start
4:08 min - How do you start an expedition like this? When is the perfect time? Well, I'm clearly not the right person to answer question. Watch the extra to find out why. :)
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